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Welcome To Rockville

Our Mission:

To Know Christ as Lord and Savior and honor him,

To Grow in our relationship with Christ and the members of His body,

To Show the way of Christ to others through works of ministry,

To Go into all the world and make disciples for Christ,

Rockville Mennonite Church is an Evangelical Anabaptist Congregation that seeks to glorify God in faithfulness to His Word by inviting people to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives, by helping them to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with other members of Christ's body, by training and equipping them to do works of ministry, and by assisting in sending out workers into the world to carry on the work of God's kingdom until Christ comes again.


The Congregation is committed to be guided by this mission in all its ministry, including worship, outreach, education, and personal interaction.



Rockville Mennonite Church Constitution